If Murdoch controls the Chinese internet, my thought is to look for his connections to the CCP on the Russian internet. Possibly countries that don’t think too fondly of China that are close to them, such as the Philippines and South Korea- the latter has a popular search engine called Naver. See, you’d think that we’d “know everything already” and there are chains of thought-connections that are made seemingly according to a logic, probably a neurologic, step by step to realizations, and epiphanies if you’re lucky. I wonder what the South Koreans think of the CCP, being as westernized and as close as they are. I’ve read that the Chinese youth are influenced by South Korean culture. “Global perspectivism” let’s call this – it’s strange I have to think of a name for it, given that every leftist’s self-understanding is that they are global perspectivist and yet I never see this kind of way of thinking among them. I saw a Syrian girl recently posting lots of interesting perspectives that they’d never touch, for obvious reasons. With places like South Korea they have less of an excuse to be so willfully ignorant about the world. Like I said, that’s a fact of Being that we don’t “know everything already” and the thought-connections have to be made in their minds, and maybe they will eventually.

Leave me and my maps alone, I like my maps

The degree to which this demonstrates the control of public opinion is breathtaking. Google needs to die. It reminds me of what I was thinking about Murdoch earlier- the question of whose side he’s on, dems or Trump, or CCP. I think the answer is that Murdoch is on the side of Murdoch. Some of these people are so powerful that politics is whatever can advance them personally. He has two hapa daughters who are probably going to inherit a global empire if I had to guess. East/west royalty. I just think that’s one of the most interesting speculations we can make today- how close he is with the princelings, and with the “CIA” bluebloods here. You have to be an extremely cynical person to get to the point of talking about the kinds of things I talk about. Anyway, I just don’t think it’s a coincidence that he had all that involvement in China and now the New York Post is reporting about Hunter and the CCP. It was after Xi’s faction took power that he was “blocked”, or at least so I’ve read. Bo Xilai, and his beard down to his chest performing Shakespeare in a luxury prison, that makes me laugh and laugh – I wonder if he’s involved? Does Murdoch have a mole in the Tiger Cage?

Here’s a name I’ve never seen

Shadow war between those two? I wonder what the grand visions are of all these people. At least Soros has some kind of background in philosophy, even if Karl Popper is a total clown to the real nerds out there. The way I saw one Chinese person describe it on a forum, their education is similar to the way they’re beaten by their parents at an earlier age. Xi is a voracious reader so maybe he’s different, maybe they’re all like that and they just keep it quiet. In many cases I suspect that the true sovereignty isn’t with them, it’s with the ideas that were ingrained in them by governments with questionable integrity to say the least. The “intelligence king” of the Mossad for instance, go cry about the holocaust you baby. Which reminds me, I have to get every single middle eastern country’s take on historiography. So far, it ain’t pretty. A nice hyperlink list of each country’s “Solzhenitsyn” would be glorious.

Whoa, where to even start with this book site I found via the Syrian internet. This is the first one I clicked

They’re ignorant camel-riders over there!

Here’s an academic paper I found elsewhere

Hoo boy

It appears we have at last discovered a true radioactive rat nest. Two centuries in Morocco? Can you say مائتي عام معًا? Pinnacle thoughtcrime hours.

Show more results?? Why, I think I will click that!

A nice 500 pager by someone like Shamir


Whoops, my bad, that’s only one book. There are 40 books on Egypt on this site in fact.


Wow, I feel like I’m holding a gun to a Jew’s head with this post–and pulling the trigger!




We need some translators it looks like. Google translate isn’t perfect. Perfect PDFs on all these countries is what we need. This would seriously help save the world.

This is all just from a casual browse of the Syrian internet, nothing you’d ever see on google.

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