It never ends, I translated the simple word america in syrian and find tons of books they don’t want you knowing about

Unconstitutional? You don’t say?

All I knew about Syria until recently was Syrian rue which someone who isn’t me has used as a substitute for caapi as an ayahuasca ingredient, I just thought they were crazy illiterate arabs over there really, and that’s not because I’m an active racist, that’s because that’s what the TV told me throughout my life growing up.

This random book is titled How America Is Governed, and immediately it appears more formalistic than Moldbug by mentioning “the lobby”. Moldbug is soooooo lightweight. Land was right to connect horror with this general directedness of thinking, I remember the first time I read one of Moldbug’s posts that even slightly 1% sympathized with the Nazis and I was somewhat horrified. Now, extreme sympathy with the Nazis is just normal life.

Here’s one titled Antichrist that’s on the zionism/freemasonry “conspiracy”

how history and Arab revolutions are falsified

Seriously, this is a radioactive rat den like no other.

Just kinda weird

Another one

And “intrigue” and “conspiracy”, whatever its name, through which a relatively small group of wealthy, obscene, extremely cunning and very influential men use gold, lies and deceptive methods to sabotage and corrupt the human race. 


Our favorite agency, I’ll have to type that in next

Reminds me of this recent news

I read elsewhere that there was something conspicuous about the ones arrested, can you guess what that could be? The cursèd womb of Esther the Molester might or might not be involved. You’re all going down.

Anyway, countless books in Syrian that my fellow travelers will thoroughly appreciate. Countless books, I just found another written by a professor. I’m willing to go as far as saying that it would be historical if the average American heard the Syrian side of the story.

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