The rat in question, and potentially the most hated person on earth, is a woman, and that makes it all the better

So this is why that Iranian posted a phone number instead of a link to that book

Readers are often Internet users whereas most publishing houses are offline.

We finally found a way around the problem I mentioned in these posts – the monopoly of the publishing houses in our countries.

Only eight years we’ve had this. I wonder if troops visited those publishing houses there and found some strange ideas that made them question what they were doing in the military.

This can’t be good

funded by the European Union and South Korea

Still, she might be more dangerous than any of those Iranian nuclear physicists that they’ve car-bombed.

People talk about peace in the middle east, well here ya go, don’t believe any of that psyop Trump is doing, bless his heart.

I wonder if the CIA and Mossad would burn all those kinds of books I linked to, if we went to war with Syria? That’s the country that deserves an “alternate dimension” award. China and Russia’s lit on those subjects is either too obscure to locate or minimal. The alien nature of our theological squabbles is China’s reason, and the federal reserve might be Russia’s.

Pure evil

Looks like I found that Syrian think tank I was looking for the other day.

So is there Persian version of Abjjad? I’m going to be looking.

This was probably for the best

Reverse perspectives and see that the obscurity of Abjjad here is similar to censorship. Had you ever heard of it, had you ever thought to look for it? That’s what they want.

Then again, this doesn’t seem right either

I translated “book database” in Persian and searched for it on the engine and found

So far it’s all pretty tame. This is a difficult process. To talk with the axis of evil.

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