This is the Yandex staff in the 90s, it really wasn’t the same over there, was it?

It’s not like I have much of a fashion sense myself, I just notice that there is something not right here. What happened with the USSR? I have no idea where to find a reliable resource. We will find books on this soon. Until then I speculate that they are an agricultural form of “white”. They were farmers who put farmers in charge and the results were expected. People make a saint out of Lenin and Stalin, and I really wonder if they represented anything besides having the military on their side to carry out the goals of the unrefined. “Kill people who are better than us!” That’s why the Jews hate me, because I’m aware of this psychological tendency and accuse them of it instead. “We have to live in other people’s countries, we’re so awesome.” Parasites who should be sent to Israel to fend for yourselves among all the Muslims who would be joyous if the US wasn’t selling its soul so you could survive. “We don’t need you, goyim!” So let’s find out. All the capital you’ve extracted through unfair means, as your Jew Marx has thoroughly documented, is transferred to the people that they have exploited. See, real Marxism hasn’t been tried in this very specific way. Actually following Marx and equating capitalists with kike-italism. The Superstructure. Most can’t understand that, because they’re the minions of the ones Marx talks about. Anytime you talk about class-warfare and don’t mention Jews it’s because you’re the ones they’re exploiting.

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