You’re such a bought soul there’s no reason to try to talk with you. You believe that your livelihood is connected with redeeming the immoral history of the Rabbi people.

If you question the people behind the newspapers then you will be using newspapers as a blanket, while you sleep on a cardboard mattress underneath a bridge. What, is that not the life of glamor you imagined, anon? Is there something not very ritzy about the tribalist graffiti on your wall? You’d prefer a tasteful painting? So you’d better say that you appreciate your place in bourgeois society, even if it isn’t on the level of the Jews who control everything. Otherwise you might get sent to the place where people are scapegoated. There’s also the other option of murdering all Jews.

I do like to put that thought in people’s brains. If all Jews were murdered would society be better? I honestly believe it would be.

Their existence is revenge for being kicked out of so many countries because they were supposed to be the Chosen People. And over a hundred countries refutes that, that’s why you can’t bring it up. Jews are very sad about that. So who is right here? Why aren’t we allowed to have an honest discussion about it? Instead the kikes continue to enforce norms that make you stupider and stupider because that means you’re less of a problem. Have you fallen for that yourself? It’s likely. Why have so many countries driven them out with force? It’s because they’re not very good people.

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