I ask Baidu, “What is the brahmin equivalent in China?” to see what they have to say about their red nobility. I wonder how they prevent permanent revolution there since many of them actively study Marxist-Leninist texts. Do you see how this could be a problem for the CCP? Any time they do class-readings, don’t they get the thought in their head, “Who controls the means of production of China?” Their ideological historiography is based on the idea that they used Marxism to free themselves from the age of feudal lords, so it seems natural that they’d get to wondering who their lords are now. Unless the propaganda machine is that effective, and all those thoughts are preemptively eliminated? Or more likely self-censored? So it’s interesting to ask them what they think about their relation to the Indian caste-system. So far I’m not getting a direct response to the question, maybe because all such responses are removed from Baidu? In any case, I find that they often have a quaint way of speaking, and there’s something charming about that (and that itself is a caste judgment from me–see how that works?)

This is the typical way of responding to the question. I haven’t seen anything yet that wonders about the brahmins of China.

The global caste-system according to some Asians

They don’t mention the CCP caste-system

They only apply the notion to others so far

You might think it’s weird that they don’t mention the red nobility. Then you realize that people in the US are similarly silent.

I asked Baidu, “Is China still living in a feudal society?”

First click, a dead URL.

When you think of our “democracy” is that something that makes you laugh?

I see it initially as a grave situation, and the fact that it’s grave I can find humor in, you? Right right, serfs can’t talk to serfs who talk like I do.

I scoffed at the notion that we’re similar to North Korea, then the next replies made me more sympathetic to that idea

I don’t see anything similar, do you?

I wonder if every country’s internet is anti-formalist? Is that universal? Back in the days we had kings was it different? Were there people who influenced him that you weren’t supposed to know about? I still like the idea of a Bloomberg presidency, just because then things would be more explicit, less sneaky. In that scenario people might start scrutinizing and criticizing the princelings more. How much mental energy has been devoted to using Trump as the criticism target? What a squandering. He’s a decoy, and so many people fall for it. Gullible dupes. Biden would be even worse, that’s just voting to be more of a serf than you already are – that’s probably what people want too on some level, because that’s their nature. “I don’t like this court jester Trump irritating the king, he needs to have absolute power.” I’ll never understand that psychology. I think it’s a matter of dealing with chaos, it stresses people out too much and they’d prefer no checks and balances and 100% agreement among the nodes of power.

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