No one inspires me, I look upon a collection of sell-outs who can’t even admit that’s what they are. Then again, that’s how it’s been for me for years so why stop now.

Reading articles on Yandex about the collapse of the US is so depressing, because they’re pretty much right about us. You really, since if you listened to me that wouldn’t happen. All of your cowardice across the years will be to blame for that. People who can be conformists and not be guilty about it, I can’t understand that. There’s nothing to say to you, because you’re such a contemptible person that nothing will ever change your mind.

It’s fine, it’s not just you, it’s a collective you’re part of, I’m really speaking to the US as if it was a person itself. I look at you as some kind of petty criminal. There’s no reason to go into detail because you’re too much of a retard to ever change. Here we are talking already so might as well. What do you actually believe in? Could you sit down for a moment and wonder that and get back to me?

You probably won’t reflect on that, go ahead do it, I’ll wait. Did you reflect? No, probably not. That’s one of your main problems, you don’t think about what you actually believe. I don’t think you really know what you believe, you just act on impulse and tell yourself you’ve given lots of thought to why you believe what you believe. I don’t buy it. What most Americans “believe” is that they should agree or disagree based on a rigged duality that does not permit an alternative. Basically you have the option of the controlled left or the controlled right, and your only choice is to agree with the left, which represents the interests of corporatists and bankers, or disagree with them and align with populist natural reason, when both of them are in control by capital. So what do you believe, do you have an answer for me? Try not to give me a platitude, I know you can’t help it. That’s pretty much what either side can offer, platitudes. Sure, I have some fellow travelers among the populists, the problem is if you disagree with the leftist infrastructure too much then you are not able to speak in the discussion- in this way they keep everyone leftist and in line with their capital-based interests. They all tell themselves they believe in freedom, no, I am freedom, you two sides are total frauds who day after day work for the opposite of freedom. And you’ll never change because you’re a retard. Down’s syndrome cases that are confined to the minds that they have. Go do your downy talk somewhere after reading this since that’s all you can do. errUhhhUhhh errr uhhh. Preserve the left, preserve capital, that’s all any of you can do. Retard-cohort.

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