I have no idea who still likes me after years of being an uncivilized animal lurking outside the walls of the city- you’re here, so.

I have an obsession with the question of sovereignty. I don’t feel sovereign, I viscerally experience the presence of those who have sovereignty over us, and I actively work to create a separation from them. If not geographically then spiritually.

One way I personally further distance from them personally is to study their crimes, that helps me break the last traces of their hold on me, the panoptic superego that occupies all of our brains – I think I finally understand that old saying “We live in a society.”

So, what are their crimes? Some believe the bloodiest coup they instigated was Indonesia 1965, with 2 million dead.

I’m finding evidence that that isn’t even close to the bloodiest one.

“You can’t blame them for that famine.” Famine? What about the civil war there? Anyway, I’m not blaming them, I’m simply finding connections.

How many died while Mao was in power? Some estimate 20 million, others estimate 80 million. Look up Chinese cemeteries on Yandex, you’ll see they have a tendency to not respect the dead.

Yale-in-China was founded to honor the memory of an American who died in the Boxer Rebellion. Think of this in terms of historical cohesion with the Opium War

In other words, the Chinese wanted to drive the white devil out, and that resulted in nothing less than the establishment of Yale in China. This was under the pretext of “Christians” wanting to share “medical knowledge”. We all know Dubya’s connection to Yale and the skull and bones secret society.

The “CIA” is just a term of convenience we refer to it with today. “Their” interference in other countries goes way back – people tend to count the countries starting after WW2

So what’s the death count before Mao, let alone when Mao was in power? A merchant-intelligence network hailing from our own countries is depending how you look at it, either directly or indirectly responsible for all that bloodshed.

And this isn’t the only Eurasian country they have links to which experienced the deaths of tens of millions

Of course we also have the usual suspects playing a role in all this

While I hate to constantly bring up another person involved in this, I can’t help it that it’s a fact that thee FACE of all these criminals detailed above is… Joe Biden. They’re subtle like that. He’s the face of their establishment. All these wars they’ve caused so they can get rich, he’s their representative.

I sought in this post to describe only their most heinous crime, which makes all the killings in the middle east of the last couple decades look like a minor conflict

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