I wonder to what degree the Chinese princelings are surface. Secret societies prior to Mao who worked in the shadows and continue to do so? Zhuangzians who saw Marxism as a mere moment in a cycle of China’s 5000 year history, and perhaps told CCP members about this, and they knew they were right and couldn’t gulag them because of their respect for sages, certain families, that were the nobility before this current nobility, that survived the purges of so-called reactionaries.


I’d appoint her to head.

Then there’s the obvious Li

6/25 of the central Politburo of the CCP are Li’s in fact.

When you think about an “international conspiracy” you don’t often think of Chinese or Asian people, do you?

Then there’s another Li I’ve mentioned before, Peng, otherwise known as “the butcher of Beijing” who called for martial law during the time of Tiananmen Square.

Are these Ri’s famiry? Is there a famine famiry in China that is just as responsible as the Yalie Mao? They’d be able to hide it, given how popular a name Li is. Lee Kwan Yew, the founder of Singapore. It’s spelled Lee, and yet it has the same character as Li Peng – 李

A couple more Li’s

“It’s the second most popular name in China, you could never know!” Yeah well I’m just speculating. Who knows how far back this family could go – if you want to get ultra-conspiratorial which I know you do, none other than Lao Tzu’s surname was Li!

The wealthiest tycoons of Hong Kong are Lee Shau-kee and Li Ka-shing, or excuse me, that’s Sir Li Ka-shing to you. Is there a connection between British royalty and the Triads who run HK? Many Triads are also Li’s.

And another place in Asia we’ve detailed

These might be like the Rockefellers of Asia, and you’d never know because so many have that name in the population. Lots of Li’s in the Tang Dynasty (618-907 AD) if you’re interested in trying to trace a possible connection from there. There are Li’s up to 1227 too, up to the time of Genghis Khan. Did they go into hiding and re-emerge? Maybe they acted as a “covert agency” while other Chinese dynasties reigned afterward? Maybe they made money off the Opium War and Mao’s Cultural Revolution? Lots of connections to pursue with them.

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