Trying to find info about the Li clan on Yandex, and see them listed with the usual suspects, Dupont, Warburg, etc., and never see any info about them.

I did find this site though involving the red nobility generally. Remember how I said that during our Civil War, the Brits caused a civil war in China that no one knows about, the Taiping Rebellion? I thought it was 20 million that died as a result of that. This person is claiming 60 million, who knows, that’s up there with the Yalie Mao though, and the only one we’re supposed to focus on here is 6 million, alright. I just hope the Chinese understand that it was very specific people who were behind all that, and they didn’t help us at all with their spoils, they hoarded it all and we hate them as much as they probably do.

Anyway, just trying to understand the power-structure of China and this article is helping

Observers agreed that the oldest “red clans” are forming an alliance against “Shanghai” General Secretary Jiang Zemin, and the spiritual leader of this group is the second son of Ye Jianying, the former head of the party intelligence, and now revered in Guangzhou, an elderly calligrapher – Ye Xuanning. 

Elsewhere, from Vavilov again, I read that Xi’s faction is the more militaristic one, whereas the one he’s been purging approximately aligns with the democratic party here. I’m not sure how closely we can equate their groups with out groups, probably not at all- that’s how he described it anyway. And I don’t know about you, I’d prefer the dems to be in power over there. It’s so difficult to understand though because surface-dems stand for being a nice old man, whereas the reality is they’re the militaristic one, hence you see the neocons backing them.

I’m mostly wondering if “the princelings” are themselves a decoy, and whether the Li’s or others are more the emperor of China, and I found this which is intriguing

Hakka (客家, literally means “aliens” or “guests”) are the descendants of Chinese migrants who fled from the north of the country to South China during the conquests of the nomads, just like the Jews in Europe did not have the opportunity to have land and to cultivate it. This circumstance, as well as the need to survive in difficult conditions, made them excellent traders, entrepreneurs and financiers. Until now, their ramified network structures control Southeast Asia with the Hakka capital of Singapore…

They’re the most diasporic group of Chinese too – have we found our Han brahmins? Or Han Hebrews better yet? Here are their migrations before they left China

Seems similar

I am more interested in what those who are often assumed to be Hakka by other mainland and overseas Hakka—by virtue of their language, place of origin, or self-ascription—have done, especially with regard to revolution. In the twentieth century many individuals from Hakka regions of China fought for Communist revolution. Yet within mainland China much of that history remains shrouded in silence, and it is not openly expressed as “Hakka history.”

The word Hakka is a hostile Cantonese coinage, as clear an epithet for impoverished wanderers as “Gypsy” or “Okie.” A defining feature of guests (ke) is that they will eventually go home. But Hakka migrants, lacking a viable native place to return to, have been forced to define themselves against an ethnic other.

Deng Xiaoping was a Hakka, and his second in chief was a Li. I’ve read that the Li clan may be related to the Wong clan as well. All connected? I’m trying to figure that out. When Deng ruled over half of the politburo was Hakka.

What is not voiced publicly, but is a matter of pride within mainland Hakka circles, is the role of Hakka in communist revolution.

So maybe there are the princelings and then those related to them?

Other Hakka- Sun Yat-sen, the father of modern China who overthrew the Qing dynasty, and Hong Xiuquan, the leader of the Taiping Rebellion, which was mostly constituted by Hakka. LEE Kuan Yew! (the founder of Singapore).

Recent prime ministers of Thailand, also Hakka. A president of the Philippines.

So are they everywhere in Asia then?

Not just Asia it looks like

They also have a strong presence in Jamaica.

Wait, is Murdoch’s ex Wendi Deng related to the Hakka Deng Xiaoping?

What percent of princelings and the CCP in general are Hakka is what I want to know. Is Xi Jinping a goy? Is he purging Hakka or is he purging people on behalf of the Hakka?

Another connection

Hakka people also refer to themselves as Tang 唐, rather than Han 汉

Lots of similarities to you know who here.

Think of the western preoccupation with east/west dialogues on Christianity and Buddhism next to this subject – too controversial to bring up in our theocracy. And I don’t even have to Baidu the Hakka to know how they’ll be portrayed there, if they are at all. So is Li like stein? Who are the bergs?

A clue as to Xi’s place in this – Meizhou is the Hakka capital

Anti-corruption fighters pay special attention to Meizhou

That’s from that initial Yandex article. More from a googled one

Orthodox Communist history describes revolution in seamless, de ethnicized terms… Yet mainland publications virtually never mention the Hakka background of these individuals—not even in a forty-one volume set of biographies of Party heroes—in vivid contrast to the routine highlighting of the identity of minorities. Memoirs are equally silent. The subject of Hakka participation in the Communist revolution remains so sensitive that a foreign article was among the first to raise it in print (Erbaugh 1992)… The backgrounds of leaders remain largely beneath the surface. Revealing the concentration of Hakka leaders could spur charges of nepotism, an offense to both traditional and revolutionary morality.

I have a sense this is only the beginning of this east/west parallel.

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