Yandex images is another world. Maybe I do have a fixation on Israel that borders on the pathological, I admit it, that’s the one I looked up first, and I found Yandex images have more of an aesthetic quality than google images, the latter always promotes such ugliness

This isn’t what I mean exactly, you’d have to scroll, this is just the top of the results for ancient Israel map. I’ve never been a channer, a lot of my favorite posters that get banned though shared memes like the kind I find on Yandex, so I think I’m just going to post a bunch that I found without necessarily any order and maybe you’ll enjoy them

Why doesn’t Trump ever mention them? Kind of cliche to even mention these names in my sphere and yet who arguably actually does have the most significant control?

If Trump has to be coerced, Biden agrees with a genuine smile on his face

Hello there!

Bin Laden was CIA, Saddam was CIA, Mao was proto-CIA, who’s next?

What percentage of world leaders have links?

Not to mention

Bankers’ bitch.

There’s a “Jewish conspiracy” in the sense that the smarter Jews are aware of all this and they don’t say anything – note the rarity of Shamir – can you think of any other one like him? They’re consciously part of the plan.

I don’t like this

This is what they want in every country, and they won’t let anyone criticize them

Just kidding, he didn’t say this, this was probably a forum troll. Though I wish he would. The highest echelons of society are controlled by them. Only one option.

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