I find that maps have an unmatched way of clarifying things

This is controlled opposition

Do you think he and Xi go to parties like this or are they looked at as peasants

Birth, school, labor, retirement, this is what I mean when I talk about the 8th circuit, pathos of distance, misanthropy, zionism, etc., it’s all connected


Unless you’re a member of one of their think tanks, propaganda outlets, or the like, in which case the situation isn’t much different- YOU ARE HERE, YOU ARE A SERF.

I’m not one, precisely, because I talk about all of this, it’s that simple.

Who else isn’t?


Besides these three countries, which I’m skeptical of also, all of the world is similar to a Uighur re-education camp. Even if we “rounded up” these bankers their influence would remain. They’re soul-molders. People instinctively believe that it’s alright if Iranians and Syrians die. The very foundation of consciousness they have shaped- “first instinct”. To such a degree that anyone who talks about them, their plans, their motivations, like I do, also is seen as someone whose death would be fine, even good.

The reason people get banned for talking about this (moreso “disappeared”) is because they bring up the implications. You can talk about these people, the Fed, and the Fed’s feds, you just can’t talk about the implications. Because then you’re talking about the reality, and they don’t like people talking about the reality. What is the reality you ask? I hope I’ve helped you learn how to use your imagination about that.

The foundation of consciousness which I mention above is closely linked to history. Historiography is the key to any potential reprogramming.

Now, I might trigger you when I say the following, and I’m sorry about that, because I’m only trying to discuss history with you. The way that Jews rationalize, and are controlled by their own self-deception explains everything today. To them, they’re the ones in the right. They tell themselves that the goyim throughout history have been jealous of them, hence the expulsions. They tell themselves that they deserve Israel because of the millennia of, in their mind, “persecution”. In other words, whether they’re secular or not, they believe that their God is so to speak the Zeus of Olympus. The Christian god, the Muslim god, the way of heaven of the Chinese, all these are lesser divinities to them. That’s their interpretation, and it’s a self-serving interpretation, because they immensely enjoy partaking of the nature of YHWH. They’re tyrannical like YHWH. They cannot be spoken of directly like yahweh. They enjoy this.

You have to wonder about the pride they take in themselves. Whether it’s earned. I’ve spoken before about the “ontology of banking” and I think that gets to the heart of the matter. Marx was their greatest critic and could’ve redeemed their wretched past at least somewhat and they didn’t listen to him. There is nothing inherently evil about being a banker. I’m sure there are some noble bankers out there who are their puppets. The fact that banks exist is a symptom of the existence of thieves. One seeks a banker because there are untrustworthy people in the world. Thou shalt not steal. They were trusted to protect people’s earnings from their arduous labor. They were “chosen” as the stewards of the moral axiom that stealing is wrong. There are varying estimates of how much these families are worth, into the trillions, only they really know the true amount. So, people with trillions who “look after” money for others, and regulate money, which is just symbolic labor–would you consider them thieves? Looking at the wealth they have, I’m not certain that they earned it. And we can study how they behave today to get an idea of their nature throughout history. It seems that they betrayed people’s trust. And this is the hinge that their entire worldview relies on. Do they deserve Israel? They were expelled from country after country because they weren’t trustworthy, and they thoroughly demonstrate today that they are untrustworthy once again.

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