I found another “truth serum” site. Similarly with the other one, while I’m not sure if it’s forged, it sounds like their secret thoughts are being expressed. I’ll try to explain the phenomenology of this stuff. It makes me mad to read that kind of thing. Because I know that’s pretty much “the plan”, the blueprint, and that it’s actively carried out without many people noticing. It’s just a feeling of helplessness knowing how truly stupid the goys are to fall for it all. Looking around, I’m like why, why do you do this? And furthermore, when I talk about these things it’s painful to me because I know it’s painful for people to hear, and I say it anyway. I always feel like I’m put in a spot where I need to justify why I bring all this up, when I really shouldn’t need to, that’s just the panopticon talking. I think of a foreign person reading Trump’s tweets and thinking they understand the politics of the US. No, you have not a clue. I just try to talk about politics and I’m clearly, clearly a targeted individual for it. It just confirms I’m right about most of the stuff. You press your finger into my chest you’ll be shitting your teeth out tomorrow, then maybe we can have a talk. Happy halloween, the true terror we should honor today is that their plan is real and it is in effect. The reality is that people have gone a lot further than a punch with them, people still alive today experienced it with their own eyes, we were shooting and bombing each other over it, and now it’s presented as a settled issue. No, I think that another war against them would be preferable to letting them carry out their plans. “Evola was supposed to be dead.” An american plane dropped a bomb on him and he survived. I think he was necessary for conveying wisdom. They’d prefer to eliminate those who could convey it, because it’s a sort of technology of the enemy. Did we need him, was he necessary? He was really helpful, at least for me. As I’ve said before, it’s difficult to merely read ancient sages and aristos, you need someone from close to your own epoch to put it in a more relatable language. And then you can go back and forth and eventually scrutinize the one from your time from the perspective of those from older times. It’s an initiatory tradition. Nietzsche helped me understand Plato and now I judge him from Plato’s perspective as a decadent. They want to disrupt that process. While retaining their own initiatory tradition. That’s one of the main esoteric wars we have. There are thoughtcrimes that are simply so alien to modern times that you need a hermeneuticist to render them into a less jarring language, because our survival mechanism kicks into gear, something in us knows that being similar to someone from antiquity is going to make you a devil in society. Anyway, I just read that old man Rotchild expects there to be a war in Syria. He wants to interfere with their initiatic traditions too probably. If all goes according to plan no one will even be able to read certain of those Arabic books without Rotchild occupying their brains and reading them for them.

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