Natural question to ask

The ongoing series on the man who sold the world.

The one who persuaded Wilson to create the Federal Reserve.

There are probably others whose names aren’t even on the internet anywhere.

Not finding much of any significance on Bernard Baruch Jr. As the saying goes, a trillion dollars doesn’t simply disappear. Wait, that’s a saying, right? Or not, since trillionaires aren’t supposed to exist anyway.

A world-historical crime by these three, and probably others at this rate

This is shady

His family fought on the side of the Confederates in the Civil War.

A couple facts about him that probably aren’t a coincidence


He also managed to get the Chinese to trade a good portion of their gold and silver for some sheets of paper, or whatever the standard term is for that.

This is a .ru theory by the way- was it erased from google?

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