A rare moment of true formalism

Baruch was Spinoza’s name, a Sephardi, maybe that one speculator the other day was right that they are the more refined one, being able to be invisible, next to the Rothschilds who everyone “knows”.

All our legacy publishing houses print such pretty-looking books, you’d never suspect that they’re made out of plastic. So shiny, so professional-looking, it must be true what is written within. This is another one of the most powerful psyops they use today. They use “the book form itself” to warp people’s minds, the status-symbol of a shiny book. Those forum posters you find on the internet might as well be dirty proles in a back alley who don’t know anything.

Maybe there is a history book in a Syrian library somewhere?

In the name of human Knowledge we need teams who are not “KGB” affiliated to travel to places that haven’t been buried by the sands of time known as the federal reserve cabal such as Syria and Iran to find books to be translated into English. Activity like this would be the bane of the “CIA”, a true declaration of war against YHWH. Pretty much everyone believes in some type of revolution. Next to this and the rest of the things I and very few others talk about, you might as well be wearing a yarmulke when you prattle on about changing the world. The Levantines, the Babylonians, those who wrote beside the river Nile, what is historiography in their world, and what can that tell us about our shadow government of today? The “nuclear physics” textbooks can likely be found in a library of one of these countries. Have you ever wondered what Goebbels would be up to if he were alive today?

Plenty of signs that a team needs to visit the libraries of Russia too

European printing presses are not to be trusted

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