You just have to worry about snipers

This was probably engineered too, knowing them

“We select very particular books for them to read and burn the rest, hehehe aren’t we clever.”

Wow I didn’t know it was so bad over there

It all must be a coincidence that this is happening. It’s all because of the Muslims, they do this to their own country.

Do you have any suspicions when you see this statement?

They probably wouldn’t mind if the red flyover states of the US began looking like this

This is the president of Syria’s statement on what is going on

Starting to get a better idea of the “Syrian refugee crisis”? Do you think of the phrase “You take em, dumbgoys” by chance?

Sinai is only 600,000 people, that one will be easier. Only 1/10th of the magic number so it doesn’t look so bad either.

Who’s supposed to understand this chickenscratch anyway?

“You wouldn’t get it.” No, I do get it. It’s all based on vengeance and wrath for being repeatedly accused of all the stereotypes that are all too accurate. And we have to deal with you here too, aren’t we lucky, it’s a blessing.

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