The boomers find golf and boats fun, I find talking about puppetmasters fun. We’re pretty similar, only at different times of the aging cycles. Different kinds of terrible people in every era, and we can only interpret them from our own.

Boomers are good people, I respect the elderly. Seriously, I do. I’m not going to act in their presence in the same way I might with a millennial. You understand things I don’t, I understand things you don’t, it’s a cooperation between generations. My first thought is that you’ve been bought. Your generation didn’t care about its soul and it preferred cash instead. What do you really believe, Boomers? Notice that your title falls on a date that is related to “the plan”, of course trusting you at your word is only something I’m trying to develop between these two generations. Old people think they know, and you wonder if they do, it’s just a simple fact of life. So how about centuries of various countries? Some have neither science nor literacy. Being able to read texts that require an attention-span that only .02% of the population can understand is the priority now. Most people who live in our order only are able to watch the dumbest media, because that is similar to their psyche, that’s all they can understand. Meanwhile, they are all aligned in silencing people who talk about them in ways they’re unable to respond to. Respond then if you disagree, with something that isn’t a cloned repetition. You can’t. You Kant. Depending on how you pronounce it. Immoral people control the world, and you are one with them if you defend them.

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