Ah it’s another day isn’t it. Just kidding I’m grateful to be alive at all. So what do they expect, for Biden being the Face to alter the fabric of reality itself? Something like that it does appear. Will it fix the problems in Mexico–where all this started?? Do you remember that? People tend to forget that. Lots of amnesia related to politics. They want him because he would reinforce the illusion of the universal soul. So, no, the fabric of reality would not be altered. The world of maya would be altered. The cartels, which one might say define Mexico, would not be altered. The value judgment on a place like that will simply be banished to a forgotten realm of the national consciousness. No one truly cares about the Mexicans, it’s what Mexicans mean for Americans that they (we) care about. Cartelocracy is not who we are, as the saying goes. It all revolves around the definition of Americanness. There are other groups in the States that feel judged themselves by the judgment about cartels, i.e. there are people in the States who feel judged to be not American. I don’t think they are either, I can give you the list or you can use your imagination. Whether it’s people of a ghetto or a shtetl, they’re not American, they just live here. They’re reminiscent of the cartels, and once again, that’s how this started and everyone seems to have forgotten, which there are political reasons for. It’s how they remain in the illusion despite Trump being the Face. They are cartels of their own kind and honestly I don’t like them very much at all, that’s probably obvious by now. What Biden represents is the normalization of cartels as American. No thanks, you’re criminals, I know exactly what you are, it’s in your blood to be bad people. Exceptions probably exist somewhere -looks around with hand-vizor- I’ve never seen one. Bad people you want to pretend are good people, that’s what it’s all about, that’s your political hokey pokey, and I don’t like seeing that nonsense. They’re good they’re good, that’s why we have to lie about them all the time and it’s illegal to criticize them! Without exaggeration, they’re probably the two worst races of people on all of the earth. Millennia of corrupt decisions led them to that, the fault is entirely their own. You aren’t even allowed to tell them what they are so as to attempt to improve them, you only can reinforce the idea that being similar to Mexican cartels is good. You pieces of shit want to be sainted? Here ya go, consider this post a sainting.

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