So many tabs I have to click out of half of em, Yandex is a deadly weapon. Nietzsche is the genius of the West, and I and only a few others I know of are actually working in his tradition and thinking dangerous thoughts, and you can deal with it.

Around 1350 BC, Moses led the troops and all nomadic Israel to the borders of Palestine. 

Moses had previously sent intelligence. Joshua and Caleb Jephonin reported after their return: “The land that we passed for inspection is very, very good.” 

But by this time, the entire territory of Palestine was already densely populated, distributed among the local peoples and divided into several kingdoms.

Imagine if you were living in a culture that considered Genghis Khan divinely elected. Well, you don’t have to imagine that, dear reader, because you’re living in such a culture. No, those ones who were exiled from Egypt brought the proto-Palestinians a bunch of jello molds, what are you talking about? What do you mean our foreign policy has revolved around deceptions for decades?

They have you all helping them genocide both middle easterners and europeans, that’s just a fact. Does that give you meaning in life? It does seem to give people’s lives meaning, it truly does. That is the brutal reality. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for erasing certain people from the earth, just very selectively, and the ones who created 1st world societies aren’t anywhere on my list of the ones who need to not exist anymore. Do you see now how you are deceived? Probably not, because when you’re deceived you can’t see that you’re deceived. Most people in the West are actively working with them to remove Christians, Muslims, and their secular varieties from reality. Either through silence, or through being a keyboard warrior who is not much different from one of the troops they’ve sent over to Iraq. Are you proud of yourself, you stain?

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