Josephus again causing trouble

Josephus identifies the Israelite Exodus with the expulsion of the Hyksos “shepherd kings.”

He got this from someone named Manetho

who describes a brutal, savage invasion of Egypt by a people from the east, their period of domination in Egypt, and their subsequent expulsion by the rulers of the 18th dynasty.

Mysteries, mysteries.

Some recent scientific evidence suggests that they were rather immigrants who lived there for centuries and worked there way into the upper echelons of power.

Either way, it puts the narrative of the Torah into question. The story goes that they were enslaved. Could it be that they were enslaved because they enslaved the Egyptians first?

A feminist take on the Hyksos conflict – “rebel queens”

If they are indeed what we know of as the Israelites then this turns history upside-down

Around 1521 B.C., he captured Memphis and the Hyksos stronghold of Avaris. With Ahhotep maintaining control in Thebes, Ahmose seized gold-rich territories in Nubia to the south, and then he returned north to drive the Hyksos from the Egyptian border, beyond the Sinai.

Just the opposite of being slaves, they were pharaohs for over a century.

I know we’re going really far back this time. We can go farther. Why were they there in the first place? Could it be that there was a previous expulsion from somewhere else? Where was their first land, and who was their first host, those are the questions that need to be determined. Netanyahoo despises questions such as these.

Where have we heard this one before?

If you study “fake news” from ancient Egypt, you would consider the Hyksos a band of nasty, marauding outsiders who invaded and then brutally ruled the Nile Delta until heroic kings expelled them. In fact, the Hyksos had a more diplomatic impact, contributing to progress in culture…

Because the Torah could never be fake news, right? After all, the ones who control the news today are so trustworthy aren’t they. Josephus leads us to believe that everything they believe about their past is a lie.

[But Manetho goes on:] “These people, whom we have before named Kings, and called shepherds also, and their descendants, as he says, kept possession of Egypt five hundred and eleven years. After these, he says, that the Kings of Thebais, and of the other parts of Egypt made an insurrection against the shepherds…

So why didn’t they have a place to go back to? Was that all of them living in Egypt? Controlling Egypt? For five hundred and eleven years? Why didn’t they have their people in two countries? Their homeland and Egypt? They must have gotten on the wrong side of someone else before that.

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