The first result on Iran’s google gives us the perspective of a real-live Egyptian. If this is true, this is more important than King Tut’s tomb, because it means that the foundational text of Western civilization is based on a grandiose LIE

They enslaved us!! Feel sorry for us!!

What really happened

After they defeated the rulers, they burned cities brutally and removed the divine temples from their foundations, and they proceeded to treat the natives with all cruelty.

Who are you to tell others not to kill and steal, Seth?

The malleability of history can’t be demonstrated better than this. Zionism is dead, the illuminati is dead.

How can we interpret this now?

Did they feel remorse for what they did to the Egyptians? And had a mystical revelation through that? GD appeared to them and scolded them not to be “Satanic”?

Why did Seth lead to Esther then? Sounds like something similar all over again.

Now I’m wondering about the true story behind the so-called Babylonian Captivity. “Alright, what did you do this time?” Babylon is present-day Iraq by the way. Slaughter and pillage these countries and then use lies to justify going to war with them thousands of years later – sounds crazy! That’s a form of slaughtering and pillaging the United States. Thousands of lives, trillions of dollars lost. And there’s still no end in sight. You like historiography, Mr. Baruch?

Let me put it this way- that they were the innocent victims is about as believable as this

Who does Moses think he is, Gandalf or something? Justify killing and displacing millions using a book about as nonfictional as LOTR… the Two Towers.

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