Some advice from a Belarusian fellow-traveler that I get probably not on the most opportune day

So much of it happens in the shadows that I appreciate finding someone willing to name a name. He was involved both with Russiagate and that Soros-backed election rigging, I mean gaming, Integrity project. We should’ve been studying the CIA’s methods years ago, these are pros. You’re going to like the title of Eisen’s manual on this subject- The Playbook.

There are the real controllers of it all, then there’s “M”, then there are the influencers of M

This article was published in September of this year, even that’s probably too late. They failed with Killary’s election, so they’re not omnipotent. Problem is, since then they’ve probably had 2020 squarely in mind. We probably have people too in the intel agencies who are aware of all this, preparing to counter them

They don’t like natural change I guess. The tragic irony of these people is that they themselves are products of the same kinds of tactics they use. For instance Eisen is a Harvard student, the highest brainwashing facility of the country.

Sharp had a role in the collapse of the USSR too

I leave these things mostly to the lawyers, counter-funders, and alt-lite pundits, I’m more interested in the more fundamental world of ideas that moves all of this.

Today is today though so. Imagine being part of the establishment, what a sad person, I truly feel sorry for how unfree they are in their minds

What are you even doing you fraud? You’re not really a person. You’re just “them”.

“I like da moobies, da nuze” – yeah because that’s all you’ve watched your entire life you buffoon. There’s no difference between you and them, you have no personality of your own.

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