This pretty much says it all

“democracy” in the Color Revolution context is a term of art—it refers to anything they like that keeps the national security bureaucrats in power.

Anyone who feels that they’re one with the Order in place, will not care if anyone disagrees with them on fair grounds, because they’re not interested in what is right or just, they are only concerned with preserving the system that they find themselves in. That’s right, if 99.9% of news agencies were “fired” (and that’s why they hate Trump), the country would be so much better, and even they know it. Unfortunately that is what they do best, what they were educated to do, so they only want to make sure that it continues existing. They’re all different kinds of prostitutes essentially, they know no one could ever respect them, and they’d prefer to maintain the system that allows them to live in the illusion that anyone could ever think they’re a person with any real worth. You are not yourself, you are the system, no one who sees through you wants to have a conversation with the system. You’re one of its “nodes”, a perfect dupe. Do I want to have a genuine talk with the Wendy’s frier having a smoke outside beside a dumpster? Pretty much same logic. It’s impossible for me to recognize you as a human being if every belief you have is exactly aligned with what all of the propaganda outlets try to tell people to believe. You are not a serious person. You tell yourself you are, you’re a member of a legacy institution perhaps, and yet you are incapable of having a basic conversation about ontological matters that I frequently speak of, you are bought and sold, your opinion is worthless, you only use it to acquire capital and establish connections between yourself and others like you whose opinion is of no real value.

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