Just a normal day, looking at underground bases

You think that they don’t have something like this?

Do I think anything is really going to happen? Probably not, because “they” are pros and there’s a good chance they will rig the election “smoothly”. It might be symptomatic that this is where my focus is right now.

Where you planning to go, congress? You gonna invite me, buddy pal?

My favorite thing I’ve seen so far is an underground bunker with a room with one of those drill mobiles in it, brilliant.

Why would you bother sticking around in this dump though?

Just as Switzerland once lured Americans in with promises of secrecу and Uruguaу lured in private banks, so New Zealand offers securitу and remoteness. Over the past six уears, almost 1,000 foreigners have received citizenship there through investor programs that involve investments of over a million dollars.

This is from 2017. After all my exit-readings on countries maybe this tells us the most? The rich probably have the best advisors on where to go.

They mine your internet data, know who is “the enemy” and they’d probably drone you if you tried anything funny, i.e. created a militia digitally and sought to gather forces, who would do such a thing?

Luxury bunkers, you really think they haven’t thought of this?

After occupy wall street they probably built a bunch of these. (I read that the CIA was behind that too by the way.) It’s funny how this is its own kind of esoteric subject, since if they did have such a bunker why would they talk about it in public? Who else to blame for the state of the country? The very ones who have a plan to escape and leave all of us to kill each other.

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