Not to get conspiratorial, because we know that that never happens here, we have to be aware that they could’ve planted this information about New Zealand escape plans to throw us off from where they’re really building their bunkers. You’re not going to escape, we’re going to find you.

I read of someone putting one in a desert in Chile. If I was them I’d say the wrong country. Let’s just stick with New Zealand for now.

When I look at this, where would I want to build a bunker?

I don’t think there’s much business going on in the South Atlantic Ocean. Look, I was right

That’s shipping traffic. The islands in the blue, just sayin, just a thought-experiment. I do not want to be between China and the US, I know that. What, is this a “paranoid” way of thinking? All these surgical masks, all the stuff burning, all the killings that are forgotten the next day, I don’t like the look of this place.

The Chinese elites do this too

New Zealand sounds like the most dangerous place in the world, that is, if everyone suddenly discovered that all the plutocratic swine have escaped to there. So yeah I’d have a plan C. It’s not for the plebs to know about, though geopolitics enthusiasts can speculate

Kind of explains regular politics when you ponder the psychology of cosmopolitans. Our “elites” only care about plundering the country. They’re not on the nationalist frequency. They don’t care about national interest, Truth, the Good, because all they have to do is exchange currency, and you know that my favorite people of all have no problem whatsoever with changing languages to adapt to a new environment.

It’s a relief to read this, because what others call paranoid I call plausible

By some estimates, about half of Silicon Valley millionaires have already taken care of “apocalypse insurance.”

The Gold Coast of Connecticut, all these people, they’re all invested in the system that nationalists oppose. They have no loyalties to this place. They only use Trump as the scapegoat- their constant media barrage against him really is them telling us how much they despise his base, they hate us, they probably wouldn’t care if there was a civil war and hundreds of thousands of us died. They’d pick up and go to New Zealand and all set up shop there.

You think they don’t think about this?

And one conspiratorially asked: ‘What to do with the pilot’s family? Revolutionaries are breaking down doors, who from your usual life are you ready to take with you? ‘

Reading about Putin’s involvement in Syria recently, I saw someone remark that he wants to show the world that Russia is capable of intervening in other countries, he does it as a demonstration of strength, and elsewhere I saw a Russian laughing at us about the riots, the election, asking what is the US doing in other countries? Good question. I don’t think this is the greatest country in the world as they say, it’s pretty clear that that’s a myth at this rate. All my thoughts on exit, they probably have similar ones and just don’t say them except amongst themselves.

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