Every four years we get a Day of Judgment where we get to play God.

The BLM riots are clearly connected with this. Trump never says anything directly racist. At the same time, the liberals can detect that the implicit judgment has been made that they are criminals.

Biden, former vice president of Obama, represents the reversal of that judgment.

What’s the truth though? 13% of the population causes 50% of violent crimes. And that’s not even factoring in the crime of how tolerate of them in general causes culture to be more and more lowbrow.

So Trump’s implicit judgment (which they infer through his call for a border against the criminals of Latin America) is correct.

Therefore, the real conflict is whether we should restore the false belief that they are not conspicuously criminal.

“What about white collar crime??”

Tell me about that

“That’s not a crime, that’s just being unfair.”

Tell me about that. All of the corporations supported BLM riots, they’re on the side of the liberals. All three groups are criminal in their own ways, and they all work together and deny that that’s what they are. Biden and his supporters represent criminality and the denial of it.

“I deny that!”


If you think that the solution to this is to keep defunding police then you should be in a mental institution. Or in a prison, since you’re indirectly supporting criminality and the removal of law enforcement. See how crazy you look now? Probably not, hence why you shouldn’t even have a vote.

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