Haha worthless whores, you probably see what you are now.

Do you see that?

No one would ever love you, truly.

You have no meaning in life.

What makes you even worse is that you support the cause of no one ever loving you. That’s what progressivism is. You enlist other women to turn out like you, who no one would ever love, in a million years, because you’re a whore.

Whores are loveable, yes they are!!

Says… who?

No one on earth.

Jews are good people who know how to run societies!!

Says.. no one.

All worthless people who have nothing to say for an answer if they were asked why they shouldn’t be shot in the head. The answer is yes they should all be shot in the head. Whores and jews are the worst people on the earth, that’s it, and if you think otherwise you were probably programmed by them. Donol Trom gona win! No we still have this problem of groups in our society who probably need to be eliminated using force.

You worthless whores, how about you have children who can play basketball and do nothing else? Be proud of yourself, worthless whore.

Shoot some hoops stupid whore.

Run to another country you piece of shit kike.

I’ll murder you.

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