Golly jee, it’s time to turn over a new leaf now that the feds and pseudo-intellectuals behind the left made the election results look ambiguous, I sure do regret everything I’ve ever said. What a redeemer of all of humankind that liver-spotted old coot Joe Biden, I’m already starting to see the light, and I’m sure it will only get brighter and brighter as the days of fudging the results continue.

Let’s make a deal

Consider me a diplomat.

Nah, we’ve done nothing wrong. Calling you out is only justice. So will be ripping your throats out and burying you all in a ditch.

I’ve realized that the dems are the free for all faction. You all support a permanent crypto-government that insidiously seeks to inculcate the idea that good people (whites) are bad, and bad people (kikes, whores, niggers) are good. This is the opposite of reality, I do not regret to inform you. The select ones in the upper echelons should be executed, for years and decades of warping the minds of the citizenry. They have sought to put all of the worst people of society on a pedestal and to make them the norm. This is probably the worst crime in history. There will be nothing immoral about slaughtering the people in charge of this in droves. Half the population even religiously believes their lies. They truly believe that Jews didn’t deserve the holocaust, that blacks aren’t supposed to be in a jungle and are rather victims of systemic racism, and that whores aren’t cancerous child abusers. This is something you want to make even more normal in society? Merchant-jungle-dumpsterslut culture? That is ruled by poindexter techlords that silence all dissent against it? Yeah, I’m thinking it’s time for the secret police to start disappearing all the ones in control of this, and lists of names are not difficult to find.

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