Bad bad sign for our friends across the sea

Someone needs to warn them before it’s too late

Maybe it already is and they can’t do anything about it? Is that why Bo Xilai was designated as a tiger? For issuing the reprinting of that “freemasonry” book? I worry for the Chinese, they do not want to end up like us. From my scrolls through Baidu they seem to respect them and want to learn how to do business like them. I wonder to what degree that opinion is shaped by outside influence.

The greatest druglord in history was not Pablo Escobar

They’re known as the Rothschilds of the East

How is this dude a baron after all the deaths and destruction of the Opium War??

He was the president of an international task force against money laundering and look at this

What a spider.

Chairman of the China-Britain business council. Yeah, I’m going to guess that he has a role in the pro-Zionism propaganda of China.

I can’t resist getting ultra-conspiratorial sometimes, forgive me – this is another Sassoon, George, a Kabbala scholar

Between 1978 and 1980, he published three books, two of which were about his theories on extraterrestrial visitations, and also spoke at conferences on alien phenomena.

Forget I mentioned that, I don’t believe in any of that stuff.


It’s built into Xi’s ideology to hate us for the Opium War, and meanwhile these people are still filthy rich because of it. Xi must know about them?

If you really want to understand Zionist meddling in contemporary China, there are also the Kadoories

Look at how this article is framed, that’s so sad. After the millions and millions that died because of the Opium War they’re admired as “businessmen”.

From the 1930s, the successful Sassoon brothers sold up their business interests in Hong Kong and invested more in Shanghai. But their legacy here remains: Sassoon Road in Pokfulam, and a beautiful place of worship called Ohel Leah Synagogue in the Mid-Levels. This synagogue is a meeting place for the thousands of Jewish people who currently live here.

Is this their HQ? Do you think Xi hates Brits, Anglos, “whites” in general for that war and the aftermath? What a con if he does. And let’s not bring up US slavery in this context and the main ones involved with that.

They were “persecuted” in Iraq–it was anuddah Babylonian captivity–and had to flee. Went to India, China, and Hong Kong

Hmm must be a coincidence. Same with our “protests”.

The Sassoons must have a connection with the Li clan, which I haven’t much info on. Then there’s the Triads, i.e. the Opium trade never ended. And further, from that Yalie Mao article I saw this

I’m sure Biden and his puppeteers have no ties to this “industry”.

Then there’s this connection – pErSeCuTiOn

Looting, pillaging, and destabilizing one country after another, ours now, probably China again, next.

One country, two systems, in other words, zogged. You might have already been able to tell that by uh.. MARX’s presence there, which is easy to overlook in our time.

I’m finding lots of Sassoons, all respected, sometimes knighted, people

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