This is so suspicious, who knows what they could be doing

They easily could’ve planned even the particular states out in advance, possibly months ago while they were gaming scenarios with the Transition Integrity Project

I know the dem counter-argument to “This is suspicious” is well covid and mail-in ballots, yeah it’s still suspicious and who knows what they could be doing. The intel people who’ve been planning this since probably 2016 could be up to anything, could’ve paid the counters months ago, etc. Just something generally “off” and I think both sides can sense that.

Is this really the contrast with Wyoming? I want to move there if that’s the case

“Wyoming doesn’t exist!” – that reminds me of this post. The election is always-already rigged in the sense that we live in this “screenocracy” and they control virtually everything on a screen, and we’re all staring at screens constantly. Would you consider that fair? Jack even censored Trump last night. The last four years, conservatives have been disappeared from screenworld, and there are about 100 other ways that make this unfair, and the fact that they’re so close just goes to show how different our overlords are from the people that they try to control.

It’s so sinister to imagine the swamp creatures having their Face in power again, the freedom being taken away on a psychological level. “Good, we don’t like the things you say with your freedom!” What, taxonomies of existing beings and the evils they do? Yeah I know you don’t want people to know about all that, because you’re such a being yourself.

Anyway, 138339 votes for Biden appearing in Michigan, and zero for Trump, that’s the most suspicious thing so far anyway. I mean, if we disregard the cathedral/synagogue itself, which is a million times more suspicious.

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