I could keep up with the ballot count controversy, and yet I find myself continuing to study the Opium War instead. It just seems another swindle of history and I’m unconsciously equating the one in progress with all the others before it.

Amusingly, I found a link to wikispooks from googling David Sassoon. I might find some of my very own readers on this site some day, hopefully. That Baruch said himself that his name rhymes with “spook”, Idunno if there’s a connection there. I’m just really fond of the word. The “intelligence king” as the russkies call it is the real president, and people in the future will probably read about recent events in the same way I’m reading about the Opium War now. The way the rangordnung seems to work, if I were to speculate, is that the banking clans are above the feds. Why do they have to waste their time knowing all that intel? That’s for their minions to toil over. We need the Biden Face so we can further disrupt Syria and Iran, to expand Greater Israel and redeem the history of our people. That Egyptian historiography I mentioned is so devastating I’m not sure many understand all the implications of that, what else is new though. There’s no redemption for that, the only redemption is for them to admit what they’ve done wrong for millennia, and no, instead they continue to err to this day. Powerhungry, bloodthirsty.

Found a good article on this guy which has parallels to his direct or indirect inheritors

“Duude what about the ballots and all that” – I see it as the same process. Dem ideology is a form of opium. Speaking of that, is there connection here with the famous phrase of Mordecai, excuse me, Marx? Esther Harris?

You saw earlier that the Rothschilds and Sassoons intermarried, you could be looking at a Sassoon here, do some genealogy (not the kind of genealogy I usually do). That must be one of the best entertainments in existence- funding both sides of a war then making even more money from the spoils. Ha remember Artxell always ranting about the British occupation of India? That’s because Sassoon is conveniently left out of the “history story”. Just like how these same people are left out of it today. “Culture wars”, an opium trade. Remember all those opiates I showed that China smuggles here? You wondering who might be doing that now? It never ended. You ever look up the Rothschild Napoleon connection? 200 years of this and here we are today. Up to the same old tricks. “That’s a conspiracy.” Yeah they uh gave all their wealth to the arabs in 2020 because they felt bad, 2020 is the year they stopped meddling.

“Redeem ourselves by continuing to do the same thing over and over.”

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