Do you remember 2016, it felt like a miracle, 100% unexpected, at least for me, and to expect two miracles, I have my hopes, they call them miracles for a reason though. The cathedral got over-confident by 2016, and they’re so powerful, with so many resources at their disposal, they could probably have psyopped half the population into voting for Epstein. I’ll never understand dems, they’re just .. happy to be controlled? They must really think that they aren’t controlled. “Yes, it’s a coincidence that we agree with all these power-structures.” Then you have to wonder if the bankers’ brains saw Trump himself as a birthpang of the revolution, a release-valve and now they’re like, okay that’s enough, the conservatives got their vacation from the NWO, now it’s time to put it into hyperdrive. Do leftists ever stop and wonder that? “Maybe I really am controlled? Maybe I’ve never had an independent thought all my life?” I don’t think they do, not authentically- they pretend to wonder that, they keep it vague, and then quickly tell themselves, “No, I am independent of these opinion-management institutions.” The bright side if the worst happens is that Harris will just make people like me hate the system even more and thus incite us to think up evermore elaborate theories and criticisms about it. The most pressing concern in my mind is the “disappearing” problem. This is for the tek people to tackle. We need to be able to not be deplatformed. Didn’t they just delete InfoWars off the internet? Wasn’t that what happened? I wonder every day if/when they’re going to do that my site. “My” site. Whose is it? Whoever owns the internet. If we fix that problem that will guarantee us more freedom and thus knowledge, since it’s unfreedom that prevents us from writing certain things, though I don’t hold back anything, I don’t know why more people don’t start a site like mine off social media. Trump is the accelerationist in chief and a national hero, and anyone who opposes him only wants to slow down the dialectic. Like I’ve said before, I just appreciate that his relative extremism, as well as mine, has made people show us their true colors, that’s all I wanted. The system has shown itself for what it is, it was a lot more covert before that, sneakier. And there’s still a lot more for it to reveal about itself, especially to the demos. So I appreciate that, and obviously I’d like for people to show who they are more and more for four more years, because honestly the best word I think of to describe them is totalitarian. I want them to keep betraying this secret of theirs that they’re not totalitarians, and maybe with Harris they would do that, and that itself would cause the dialectic to turn more rapidly. If we went to war with Syria, not to give them any advice, that would just be the end for them. People would start getting ideas like I have about wanting to join the military just so I can defect once I’m there and help their secret services drone Israelis. On the other hand, Americans are so docile they could just utterly defeat our spirit, which is their direct objective. And I’m not sorry I say it all the time- they’re turning you into monkeys and there’s nary a whisper against them for this. I would call that the most abject docility that is possible.

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