So many things are just normalized because they contain words that have been repeated too often, causing supposed “instant understanding” of them, when this isn’t the case.

I am thinking here of what they call Russiagate. If anyone took a step back and thought about that they’d consider it a crime that should result in the prosecution of the entire journalist caste, and especially the CEOs of the news organizations and covert agency pushers of this agenda.

Trust me or not, I’ve found myself browsing Yandex for the truth. Google is run by some mud guy? Looks like Artxell. That doesn’t matter though, Dugin is one of the geniuses of the world, and you can’t say that about CNN’s Zucker or Zuckerberg.

It’s all designed to make you stupid. That’s a crime in my book, punishable by death based on the severity of the stupidity. And our establishment for years–some boomers would say decades and decades–have been designing stupidity on a conscious level, deliberately, so no one will doubt them and their untruth-finance scheme.

They make money off making people stupid, they’ve done this in MOST countries. Whatever happens with this particular election I think it’s mandatory that citizens get a good understanding of the history of their involvement in other countries, from the CIA’s founding in the 40s to meddling and interference during ancient times. This has been happening for a while!

Russiagate is just one of many many many ways they’ve sought to undermine Trump the last four years. We can study how they have operated to prepare for a worse case scenario if they end up effectively rigging the election, which of course they want to convince you is honest and has “Integrity”. They don’t have any of that. Trump is probably the only billionaire alive with integrity. Unless I’ve missed someone? I’m not sure I have. I wish we could have had an honest election between him and Bernie, because they both have a pretty good point. This isn’t a democracy, it’s a plutocracy, and Trump was the one amongst the plutocrats who had had enough and decided to act with courage, which the others are incapable of doing. I hope he sets a trend among them before we slit all their throats and erase them from history. Actually no I don’t hope that, because that’s what they deserve at this point in time. Where were they these last four years? It seems I’d find a screen-cap or something that I could use here to show that there is a righteous person among them. Unfortunately, this is the best one I know of, and guess who it’s from

The only one worth anything amongst the plutocrats. And a faction of the other ones want to remove him from power, for obvious reasons.

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