Look at this, Jacky boy Jacky boy has not “tweeted” on his own platform since then

Believe it or not, I actually think I know what’s going on in Jack’s mind and he might not be so bad. Other people control him. He’s not the one to publicly execute. “If we were to choose”.

That’s a question for those within the intelligence agencies with documents plebs aren’t supposed to know about.

Who controls the algos that lead the silicon slaves to tell you you should be part ape in the future? Just guessing, it’s probably a persecuted abrahamic person whose name and ethnicity should never be mentioned oy!

Leftists probably have their own conspiracy about me in particular that I’m trying to run a psyop of my own. No, Jews control the world, study history carefully and you will see that.

Slitting Jack’s throat, which is on many people’s minds, would only be a distraction. I’ve mentioned names that are more deserving for this role in society.

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