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Bristow shows that the city of Auschwitz was the center of Jewish trafficking in women from Poland and surrounding regions. This fact sheds light on many things in contemporary relations between Jews and non-Jews.

From a New York Post article a couple days ago

Instead of “Capital” can we just drop the pretenses and call it “Shekel”? It rules the world.

Shekels and shtetl mindset

Oy that’s gonna leave a mark. Not on libgen, cough up $70 for it on amazon.

I learned of this book from Yandex, learning about their involvement in the slave-trade. Biden is Obama, Obama is reparations for slavery. “You pay for what we did!” No, it’s not that simple, they just had a conspicuous presence. The irony of our political situation is that they enslave us to the idea that we need to atone for enslaving others. Jews are enslaved to the lies they’ve told themselves about their history of enslaving others. “We were da enslaved ones!” “Auschwitz wasn’t the proto Lolita Express of Epstein!”

I’ve quoted their disturbing harry potter prequel before.

Lots you can google (or what have you)

The ADL and newspapers of course deny all this. That’s how they keep us enslaved to zog. I’m ready for another shoah.

Anyway, Aaron Lopez is a Sassoon-like one, and they portray him hagiographically too

In 1820, over 75 percent of all Jewish families in Charleston, Richmond, and Savannah owned slaves

And less than 2% of Americans in general owned slaves. Have fun looking up all this

Until the 1830s, the Jewish community of Charleston, South Carolina, was the largest in North America.

Acquiring knowledge about it is the first step toward freeing ourselves from our own type of enslavement.

step by step

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