There’s a Sassoon who’s a writer who was born in Iraq. Some of them must have stayed there? Were they part of the “CIA” that empowered Saddam? He actually has a book on Saddam

As this gripping portrayal of Saddam Hussein’s Iraq demonstrates, the regime was every bit as authoritarian and brutal as Stalin’s Soviet Union or Mao’s China and some of the regimes in the Arab world who are witnessing upheavals, are not not dissimilar from the Bath regime.

Isn’t this funny after you know of Yale-in-China and Solzhenitsyn’s 200 Years Together? The Sassoons were probably involved in all of these. Here’s another book by him

Should be titled Who to Coup, How to Coup, and Why. This might as well have been written by a Mossad agent by the looks of it. I’m going to read that other Sassoon’s book on the Kabbalah for that reason. “Right from the source.”

Wilson? You mean the one who created the federal reserve?

Another organization that I am indebted to is the Woodrow Wilson Center for International Scholars.

Color revolutions that didn’t go far enough!

So many 18 year old jocks we can recruit to fight these wars.

This is another Sassoon writer next, it’s funny when you think of it in the context of “the Rothschilds” funding both sides of a conflict

No no, I want a book by you on “the Sassoons” since the Opium War. Like the quote above, “Dr. Sassoon’s book investigates the system of authoritarianism in eight Arab republics through the prism of more than 120 memoirs” ahaha well they are technically Arabs aren’t they? Or is it that Arabs are Semites, either way.

Another Sassoon was named after a Wagner opera, Siegfried. He has a semi-autobiographical trilogy of penguin classics where he describes his experience in WW1 – an aristocratic “English” version of Jünger?

Yeah yeah the ballot fraud, Biden, I’m interested in some of the people at the center of the ideology that makes the dems “go”. The ones I really want to read very likely don’t write books. Siegfried’s son George is the one who wrote books on Kabbalah and extraterrestrial contact. If a Rothschild wrote books like that wouldn’t you want to read them??

Here is a review of one

Seriously why am I the only one interested in this stuff! They’re right that goys are dumber than a box of rocks, that’s why.

It’s looking super schizo so far. That’s how esotericism of the illuminati would look at first, if not at second glance too, if not permanently.

Whether it’s symbolic or not, whether YHWH was/is an angel or an ET, who knows

Extreme genealogy

The theory that the Osirian race brought it to the Egyptains in 10,000 B.C, after their homeland Atlantis was flooded.

Again, if a Rockefeller wrote about this you’d be like uhh… and the Sassoons are a more hidden clan.

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