Reparations? Told all my life that white males are evil, I don’t think we’re getting any reparations for that, probably only the opposite. Fuck it, what’s it like in Argentina? Anywhere has to be better than here. They have more of a pathos of distance there I’ve heard. I wonder if their historiography is much different there. Living in a place that systematically demands atonement for slavery and the holocaust is just not a healthy place to be. They do just want to make it worse and worse too. Maybe I’d accept it if it was deserved, it’s just that when you study the history carefully there’s no justification. If you wanted the US to be a country with justice we’d have a Hitlerian president that tweeted about all the expulsions and demanded our favorite 2% reform themselves. Nah, instead we have this transparent rigging that is attempting to facilitate the Face to be someone who represents slavery reparations that most of us did not benefit from in any way. Jews seriously just hate us, it’s not that they care about blacks or latinos, they simply just hate us, they blame us for the Israel situation. It’s your fault for being a miser, not to mention a molester. I just want to move from this country obviously. If we recognize that other countries emulate the US then perhaps we should look for ones in the early stages of that before they’ve gotten as bad as it is here. Because even with Trump as president it seemed like it was a never-ending revenge spectacle. They hate him because he’s a white male who isn’t dopey like Biden. They want us all to be morons like him who can do nothing besides state weak platitudes. That’s all “the establishment” is, repeating the same thing we’ve all heard a million times in one form or another. Seriously we should all just up and go and settle some area in Argentina and let this place burn. You should feel bad for being born, what a place. And they all deny most of this too, that makes it even sicker. I don’t like orangutans, I don’t like dumb cunts, especially jews, sorry to tell you, all irrational in their own way. I like people who speak truth to power like Trump, and that’s what they hate.

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