Scrolling through the many tedious, bureaucratic and occasionally memorable events of Trump’s time in office, trying to decipher what the role of president is, I’m struck by his activity with other countries- that seems to be prominent, at least to me. Everyone remembers his friendly relations with Kim. That was something relatively early. And the early time had the background of the Russia interference accusers. Syria was bombed. That was the first time I remember my fellow-travelers reacting negatively to Trump. We were all really happy about how he had Bannon as an advisor, someone who had read Moldbug. That was more important than you might think (again, that was my experience). Mueller Mueller Mueller, that was the second “rigging”, the first one was the incessant propaganda about him before he was elected. A lot of the memorable events had to do with other countries in some way. Children in cages at the border- Mexico. What defined him more than that though for the left? Charlottesville, him not being appropriately against people who were saying that they didn’t want to be demographically replaced. I think that’s really telling. “No, you’re going to be.” Just normal stuff that happens, lowkey ethnic cleansing. When did the Mueller stuff relent anyway? 2018, the same year that they all started focusing on the dem debates, are you kidding me? That obnoxious, drawn-out process should be counted as a type of rigging itself, what a waste of time, and such a distraction. It seems like it went right from the totally fabricated Russia hoax to 20 people debating about nothing of significance. Just so sick of it all. Wonder why I constantly rant about exit and often use “exterminationist rhetoric” ROFL. “You will not replace us”, that’s what they hate about him, so who really started that? I don’t intend to be subtle and shady about it like you, clearly, I just want to murder you. And that’s a direct response, I don’t call myself a “reactionary” for nothing. Of course that will never be addressed, and if biden-puppet makes it to the white house they will just carry out that very project with more vigor than ever before.

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