Thinking about the time I said that if China thought objectively rather than tribalistically they would have less hostility toward us because with us gone they wouldn’t have anyone to copy anymore. That’s how I see the “secret plot” of our elites (and yes it’s secret, hence you’re coerced from even mentioning it)- it’s a global threat that every country should be worried about. There isn’t much evidence that the great majority of countries can innovate much of anything. The more you muddy the brain of whites (yes, even Jews, some realize this too) the less of a chance other countries have of enjoying paradigm-shifts. That’s the lie they tell themselves, that about 150 countries can create much of anything at all rather than mimic European peoples. I don’t know it hurts people to hear, it’s the truth, and the people who deny have a lot of trouble showing evidence for why they deny it. Hence “Rayciss!” That isn’t evidence, that’s an emotional claim that subtly supports the gradual ethnic cleansing of europeoples, and their simultaneous creative potential. That’s what all of the left supports, and even a lot of the right in the sense the latter is silent and just lets it happen. Such admirable people, I really look up to these cowards. The elimination of creativity, and it’s nothing to them, because they either sooth themselves with the myth of the universal soul or the idea that history has ended and we’re at the peak of progress. We’ll never know that when we’re a bunch of ape niggers and wetbacks who would be foraging for food in the wilderness without white people. All countries would be united against our establishment if they knew what was best for them.

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