When I see Biden-enthusiasts I don’t hate them anymore, I see them as trusting people who were manipulated. That’s always been the problem, that Christian-descended people are too trusting. They hear the surface story from all the loudspeakers and don’t question it, because why would anyone manipulate them? Trump is exactly like Bin Laden and Saddam, the MSM put a caricature of him in their minds and made them hate him. They probably think of themselves as “grassroots” interpretations, and mostly I highly doubt that is the case. Five years of depicting him as an evil tyrant and you think that’s not going to leave an impression on people? Even before 2015-16 people were “primed” by it, this has been going on for years, and he fit the stereotype of what they’ve been creating as a caricature of ~authoritarianism~ KKK white man racism. He’s just another Saddam with WMD. Normies did not learn from our wars in the middle east. Most of them are just trying to live their normal lives and happen to catch a word from one of the establishment institutions, they aren’t able to untangle that puzzle- I actively think and read about all this stuff and it’s taken me years to see through the delusions they’ve put in our minds. It isn’t the fault of Biden-supporters, it’s the mind-controllers who should be blamed entirely. Good christianish people who were too trusting and thought that the ones in power were like them. Nope, Trump is just another one of the many many who opposed their order and has been subsequently demonized using all the technology in the world, all the money in the world. And you know what the saddest part is? He’s probably not going to be the last “Saddam”. They don’t like him because he doesn’t actively support war. So basically they’ve manipulated half the population into getting blood on their hands for Israel. You didn’t think they’d have fallen for 9/11, you didn’t think they’d have fallen for orange man bad. What makes you think they won’t be duped yet again?

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