Based on this election meddling I’m even starting to wonder about North Korea. Maybe everything we know about them is a lie too? We’re living in a “North Korean” regime. I don’t trust anything they do or say anymore.

I was thinkin, I had to learn that Trump understood a Moldbug-enthusiast, as if all rich new yorkers don’t even need to read Moldbug to understand any of that. There’s been a covert-right that knows about all that, that’s why he was able to understand Kim.

Bombed Syria, probably just a normal boomer too, I’m not trying to write a hagiography here, though in the time of my life Trump is the one who deserves one.

It all revolves around Info, what the intel agencies call Intel, it’s really info without much intel. If they believed in intel they’d probably say that internet anons are generally more aligned with the truth than standard opinion.

They do not want people challenging them, they’re entrenched, the Russiagate spokesman was a spook during the Dubya regime and probably beyond.

They all try to hide the fact of their grand strategy which is elimination of whites. They use you in the middle east and they think of you as the same kind of person here- someone to be used to fight zog battles. I advocate either exit or murder. And through that they’ve even entwined me in their wars to convince themselves that “they didn’t deserve” the holocust – you did, and you deserve it again, except this time with no survivors. They think this same way except from a leftist perspective and they never say it explicitly. Charlottesville–wonder what enraged them about that. Their goal is to halve europeoples because they hate them, because they see them similarly to the Chinese – easy to control and yet someone who questions them. If you are one of the goys who never questions them I feel sorry for you, and I told you, Argentina, Iran, islands in strategic geo-locations, that’s a good place for you to go if you “know”.

There’s a non-stop info-brigade that tells you that you shouldn’t think about getting away from the US either psychologically or geographically.

I’m already psychologically away from it and am seeking to escape geographically as well. Not many even make it to the first stage, they’re content to be in a country that controls their minds.

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