Another article to destabilize Exodus

Still trying to get the exact numbers right, this does though seem to be generally the likely story.

“Who cares about ancient history, dude?” Exodus is the foundation of everything today. A genealogist with better optics than I needs to rewrite it. Good luck avoiding anteesemuttizm sensors

Consider this speculation

Crowley might have been on this sort of frequency. The UR-religion. (Part of me hopes politics turns absolutely useless to observe with Harris so I can focus entirely on a new Golden Dawn type system.)

Think of this controversial book again. Plato and the Hebrews might have drawn from the same source. The Egyptian priesthood kept certain knowledge very secret. Did the heebs steal it? Did greeks? Were both initiates? Heh, I’m finding Kangz historiography at first glance. Let the hoteps believe that if it makes them happy tbh, we priests can have another awareness. Well then they’d have to do some fancy footwork to explain away their enslavement of the chosens, sounds like even more of a burden than jungle ahistory.

Lots of avenues to take here

Was Moses more of an Alexander-like figure? Or perhaps their Alexander was eventually couped there by the natives? Either way, the victim narrative seems to be only one side of the story.

With the Greeks there must have been an unwritten esotericism among the priesthood (remember this post on the forgotten origins of the West)

Homer was a bard, a myth-maker, there must have been proto-ontologists before and during his time who feared exile or hemlock. Think of how the cult of Pythagoras (born 570BC) kept irrational numbers a secret. lol “BC”. Was Christ rebelling against an Egyptian system or its degeneration? Did the Jews appropriate it accurately? Did Plato? Could Aristotle be seen as the culmination of it?


Peace in the middle east isn’t what it seems on the surface.

Another similar perspective

So were the ancient Egyptians closer to the truth, or are the modern-day ones who are post-Torah Muslims?

Reminds me of interpretations of Plato in our Academy.

How do I switch my default engine to Yandex? (I saw one Russian poster laugh and ask rhetorically, Who do you think owns livejournal?)

50-60s, around the time of the Israeli George Washington


There’s this idea again, finally a more recent genealogy, right?

We must not forget that Ashkinaz, until the Sephardim in the Second World War staged a holocaust for 6,000,000 heads, in general, won both in money and in numbers.

This is so weird to read

In each product – “Jew” -shkinaz, in each product “Jew” -Sephard, Egyptian priests, as a weapon of retaliation, planted a gene-chip – “Jewish soul”. Once the “Jewish soul” chip starts to junk and break down, falling short of the warranty period set by the manufacturer – the Egyptian priests… How does the product of the Egyptian priests – the “Jew” know that it is free from the “Egyptian captivity”?

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