That Dugin article from my first post today is beautiful. The way he anthropomorphizes the animals is enchanting. People will perceive the ideas in it as evil too. Don’t be mad, we’re just peaceful Hindus. I’m reminded of his debate with neo-Sartre, yknow the one they told him at the beginning of to kill himself at the end of, since diversity is our strength? I’m just gathering a taxonomy, pretend I’m talking about species of wolf. I like to study living beings.

This is from an article linked to in my previous post

[Jesus] was the first in whom the chip broke – the Jewish soul, and he was carried away, he was the first to shout about the fraud and crime of the Egyptian priests… Russia is the kingdom of the “Eastern Jews”, the Khazars-Ashkinaz… It should be noted that “to destroy the Russians” is the eternal dream and the goal of life for all generations of “Jews”… At least from 965 to this day, the Khazars have been sick with vengeance against the Russians, so that their trace will not remain even on the stones. Such, in their subcortex, since at least 965, the gene sits. 

Certainly would explain Russiagate. You’re like, why do you keep talking about them? Who do you think is causing this coup at this very moment? It’s not just Russians who they wish to destroy

A thousand other ones too, if you want me to spam you. The ones who are all telling you that it’s normal for the votes to stop being counted in the middle of the night, only to resume hours later with their loyal warmonger in the lead. So yeah I do like to study them. The “Jewish chip” of the Egyptian priests that was first to break in Jesus, as the Russian above puts it, has not broken in you if you don’t like to study them (with irreverence).

I didn’t know it was like this, I imagined they were more unified

The meaning of life of the Khazars at the subcrustal level is to take revenge and destroy the Russians. Russians for the Khazars are enemies number 1, and the Sephardim are enemies number 2. 

I wonder what it is that they fundamentally disagree about, it certainly couldn’t be a war where one side is concerned about the well-being of goys, they seem to be united in destroying our countries at least.

We can only assume that the cunning Egyptian priests left one Moses for two as an eternal apple of discord between the Sephardic and Ashkinaz. Let them fight, let them divide, let them prove in battles and campaigns: Moses is ours! 

It couldn’t be as simple as this could it?

For example, World War II was a war of two systems: communist (Ashkinaz) and capitalist (Sephardic). Russians were “cannon fodder” for Ashkinaz, Germans for Sephardim. 

Probably not. This is an early stage of studying them since they don’t want us to know much about them. Mestizo-mulattoes will have no hope of studying them, what are they going to use their serf wage to buy AI that Jews probably invented to do it for them?

Ah this is an older article it looks like

“You’re not supposed to talk about that kind of stuff, reality is the way it’s presented to you by them!”

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