I see these as telling symptoms

The following had to be translated from the cyrillic, it must be disinfo propaganda aimed specifically at us

So there’s something very similar about the two, we’ll start with that. We ones who actually live here can see finer details. What strikes you as the main difference, if I were to put you on the spot?

I expect with Biden/Harris, faith in the media to be restored. And it’s clear that they’re a sort of reversal of Obama and Hillary, so the movement of progress would be restored as well, ghost of Hillary’s revenge I’ve called it. And with that, the establishment itself would be restored. Not entirely, I don’t think, it definitely would all be mended somewhat though.

What does this truly mean? I saw some random poster from Yandex, who I have more respect for than anyone in the media at this rate, who gave a pretty accurate response I thought, he says Biden reminds many people of the Soviets.

I said before that Harris reminds me of one of those stereotypical sassy black women who sway their finger from side to side “uh uh”. Uptick in feminism, empowerment of dumb bitch mentality for lack of a better term, girlboss political correctness wherein values are reversed and the rational castes have to listen politely to the irrational castes. All the while, the media’s reputation is being restored, meaning that people will listen to them and be manipulated into seeing morons as equals. Inflow of detritus from the failed-coup Latin American countries in the background, i.e. more morons you’ll have to listen to and nod your head to like they’re equals. Their placement as the Faces mostly mean a negative sign before Trump, what they call “healing”. That’s what the media represents that they don’t admit and which Trump stood against- respecting morons. You can expect lots more of that if they don’t take this shady election to the Supreme Court.

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