Whenever I hear a knock on the door I click to a blank page so I can type the word “cops” or “feds” and tell you before I go, eh how else to live? That’s one revolution of their own that anons have made during this particular kike-cycle. Whether it’s explicit critique of feds, learning how to talk without them catching on, or facilitating public distrust of them, they’ve definitely taken a hit, and obviously Trump is a sort of “kingpin” involved in this. You want to be lawless, alright, we’ll violate the thought-laws then, all the while putting you into question and parodying you in the process. Can left and right both agree that we all hate the NSA being able to watch us? The CIA being responsible for millions and millions of deaths? I hope we can agree on that. All of them need to go. “Yeah, let’s swap them out for some fresh faces, some millennial Yale grads”. No, that’s the same kind of people. When you voted for Biden you voted for all these intelligence agencies who work outside the law. Biden might be senile, that doesn’t mean he lacks moments of clarity- he’s a Straussian, as is Hillary, whether they know Strauss or not. He has ties with all these people, they all have an equalist agenda for the US, and a Zionist agenda abroad, i.e. power for jews, slavery for goyim. You can deny it all you want, you voted for your own enslavement. “I like to be a strong independent woman.” Good luck finding love in your life, I’m sure there will be lots of lust at least, which is what they want, given that an absence of love leads to maladjusted children which grow up to be defective adults who are incapable of challenging them. Tell me about your cats and your mushroom stamp collection all you biden prostitutes. I see what’s going on here. Trump is half-kraut and that’s probably why they hated him too all this time, and his people were right to try to be the 110th country to cast them out. Jews have their own type of rationality, they aren’t the same as muds or women. They ban whites with a rationality similar to theirs. What zyklon jews do is use their rationality to undermine that of ones who disagree who use their own similar version. This starts with turning your men into cowards, women into fail-moms, and children into orphans of the state, which they control. The media, covert agencies, Harris, all the rest, are involved with this plot and will never admit it, because being clear about what they do only slows down their plans. Many of them are just following orders and don’t know what they’re doing. People who read me, who is without exaggeration probably their #1 enemy in the world, and still carry out their plans are the definition of evil, the ones who consciously destroy society, for fleeting capital gains and status. They’re creating a worse world for the next generation of people.

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