Ah the русский darkweb, I wonder what I’ll find there

I feel like grown up Dennis the Menace or Ferris Bueller or something somedays

It looks like there’s real evil there though

The kinds of media I’m looking for are probably perceived as just about as bad as pedophilia

You don’t like the scientist-theorist species of humans being subtly ethnically cleansed, you might as well be diddling children you despicable goy.

Oh my, this is too funny

The only books you’re allowed to have that call for genocide and speak of racial superiority are sacred texts!

5114 “materials” are banned from the Russian internet, I wonder what we could find there? Reminds me of the Golden Triangle of crime in Asia. Tiger wine? Wouldn’t have expected that. Probably a lot more sinister materials than that there, they might have a book trade too.

Solzhenitsyns the neo-KGB doesn’t want you knowing about?

“They were dining on lobster in there, what are you talking about?”

Then there’s something called the Kavkaz center which Putin wasn’t favorable to “for some reason”

Looks like more evidence that the Russians are controlled opposition, because most of the books banned there are the same genre as the ones banned here.


Yemelyanov accused Solzhenitsyn of Zionism. “Yeah we don’t ban Solzhenitsyn, we need a decoy to distract you from other writers.”

1976 article on him

Finding lots of Samizdats I’ve never heard of. Well, that’s what they are, why would I have heard of them?

An alternative to 200 Years Together from 1918, let’s call it 100 Years Together


I’m not a schizophrenic axe-murderer, let’s drink tiger wine and watch banned movies.

Kick me out of society and I’ll find all the ways you’ve been kicked out of society.

You can type some of their names into z-library in cyrillic

Олега Платонова

Another Shamir


Many of his coethnics hate his guts and accuse him of violating halachic precepts, and he’s a professor of ontology womp womp

It’s suspicious that you get all kinds of Hebrew esotericism like with Gershom Scholem in the form of Kabbalah, and next to zero political esotericism from them. Type in kabbalah on z-library you get 328 results, mostly written by Jews. How many for “political kabbalah”? Shamir, Heisman, Laitman…

Laitman has like 30 books on esotericism and these two were seized from bookstores

The most interesting stuff is 404d

תודה רַב

Putin doesn’t rule Russia. It’s similar to the case of the Chinese princelings, where various “revolutionaries” inherited lots of money from the millions of reactionaries they killed. I read one revisionist earlier that claimed 80 million were killed by “the Russians”. Would you call that its own form of “capitalist exploitation”?

I’m a Hindu, I’m a Kabbalist, I’m an Egyptian, why do they ban these religions from society?

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