If Biden wins I doubt the Epstein files will be released, what’s that tell you you awful people? I’ll shoot you in the head. Anyway, I was reminded of this seeing that some russkies jokingly refer to their country as the Russian Pederation. This is someone else on that banned list

Martsinkevich is dead, his funeral was held last month. “He killed himself”, age 36. They just love those little shiksas. Then again, so does Hunter, so I can’t be as antisemitic as I might want to be.

Another one on the banned list wrote a neo-nazi novel

“Killed himself” in 2009, age 31.

maaah nigga, I gotta find that novel

Wonder why Dugin is alt-lite.

I’ve never read Qanon, so don’t affiliate me with that. Did anyone end up buying that $70 book on the Lolita Express of Auschwitz? YOUR yid scribes hid Hunter’s laptop! And I’ve never even seen a leftist mention it – what’s that say about them? Something to do with washed bloodmoney from the Pederal Reserve no doubt. I have visions sometimes where I see exactly how pathetic goys are, totally owned economically and spiritually.

Anyway, notice I’ve only been drawing from writers they show on the .ru wiki

See the numbers? Which one is the first they added to the list I wonder? I still haven’t found it yet. You’d think it would be easy to find on google, and yet. That it’s not is a sign that they don’t even want us knowing about these books. “We’re so much freer here!” What is not on this selective list, that’s my obvious wonder. Seriously though don’t you see the theme above? This is from a country that produced 200 Years Together…? Many of these authors aren’t even on z-library either. What our greatest white enemy bans can be helpful for us. If you had the mainstream stereotype of them what would you expect them to ban? Something like 1984 or Brave New World, ironically? No, pretty much the same kinds of books we ban.

This is funny

Are we ever going to print any of our banned books? Or not, because we’re similar to a certain… novel…

No list yet, though I did find this samizdat website

There’s a “closed system” problem

i.e. I found this on Yandex, and who care trust Yandex? Wouldn’t they censor other engines they didn’t want you to know about? And on AHMIA likewise, etc. Once again, that’s what I’d do if I were them. We’re going to escape!

People mostly use it for buying illegal drugs. I’m looking for reality-warping books similar to psychedelics I guess yes.

You can understand their perspective if you think of that 200 page pedophile how-to manual. Some things you shouldn’t even bring up, because certain sick people shouldn’t get that idea in their head at all. So I’m sorry for mentioning it to make a point. You’re thinking, Yeah that’s why we hate you!

You might have to go through a sewer to find these books

Yeah I’m a criminal for wanting to learn history. Gonna stab my eyes out from having the thought of bestiality put in my head. I hope I’ve brought you to this realm with me.

They can make people believe anything! Certain interpretations of only 75 years ago are deemed as bad as all this other stuff?? Are picturebooks involving bestiality on that Russian list too?? Or is it all about the central taboo of the state-religion, the holocaust?

Dude.. I found it..

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