I’m only on page 8/255 of the most recent materials they’ve banned, and it seems almost identical to what they ban here. Could it be that the US and Russia are merely just two of their experimentation patches, that they convince are each other’s enemy?

Look at this, this is disturbing..

Our worst enemy is a non-Jewish politician

They have goy Putin supposedly in power for decades, to take all the blame for them, as a distraction? That’s what it seems like.

Are they so sure they aren’t as bad as the US already? I see even one minute of audio recordings banned on that site! They don’t let anything sneak by.

It’s not the cathedral it’s the synagogue, I’m done with the pretenses imposed by their slaves

Biden/Harris aren’t Biden/Harris, they’re “them”. So is Trump. At least he actively criticized a few of their power-nodes, you’re not going to get that from the spook coot. Half the country voted for hegemony.

Trump reminds me of a couple things Bataille said

The festival is tolerated to the extent that it reserves the necessities of the profane world.

We can only suppose that Christian vigilance could not prevent the survival of pagan festivals, at least in regions of deserted heathlands.

With or without Trump the reactionary element of society will remain. Call it pagan, call it post-christian, ur-egyptian, Dionysian, what have you, it’s a break from the Jewish order.

Notice they only show you the beginning and end of the banned materials? Well duh ha. Still need to find the original writings.

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