It’s a mystical moment right now that we should observe carefully. What is power rooted in? News stations announcing something? What is it that gives them the authority? Did someone clue them in down the line somewhere? So who was that? Where is the actual sovereignty? Does it rest with the person who tells the media what Reality is? And then they announce it? So who is it that told them that? Are they actually the “president”? Did no one tell them? Thus they are? Where is it from? From where I’m watching, the media is thoroughly discredited beyond belief, and any leftist who listens to the media does not have an opinion can be respected whatsoever. So I really do wonder. “Shut up, the election wasn’t rigged!” It seems clearly like it was, and anyone who disagreed, by showing all the people who voted that have been dead for 20 years for instance, were censored by the techlords, and that’s just one example of many, I saw people getting their accounts deactivated for talking about how certain ballots were suspicious. So we’re back to the idea of the foundation in nothingness again- the media tries to hyperstition certain realities into existence and then certain people agree or disagree with them. I don’t listen to anything they say, they’ve manipulated half the country for decades. If some republican senator announced Biden’s victory, who would he be to say? Just wondering who gives anyone authority. The answer is no one, it’s from nowhere, there’s something mystical about it involving collective faith. I have no faith in 99% of the people in the country. If you fall for what the screens and the believers in the screens tell you then you’re probably one of those people whose opinion I don’t care about. The celebration of uneducated serfs is all I see today.

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