November 3rd was so chaotic I just tossed you the best theory I could think of for what was going to happen, expecting it to have not much accuracy, and returning to it now it seems that’s exactly what they’re doing

Ask them why they believe that, they’ll ultimately tell you it was on da nuze. We’re living through yet another Russiagate-like psyop! People will forget this more and more as the days go on, until something happens in the courts. That’s really all it is, it’s simple- news and social media have conspired to manipulate perception. Financiers and think tanks. Then on the ground you have questionable people employed to count the votes (lots of BLM hood folks from what I’ve seen). That’s called questionable deniability. Ask the right person to count and you don’t even have to wink at them and scare-quote “count”, because you know they’ll subtly try to get away with fudging the results anyway. Other layers of this too, the main point is I don’t buy it. It’s similar to the Kennedy hit, it’s only taken on less detectable methods. I’m going to beat people in 2040 to the punch on this- a mole spread COVID to Trump. Just sayin, lots of stuff like that. And I’ve noticed that people who raise certain questions don’t have accounts anymore when I check what they’re talking about the next day. This is just normal for us though, before Trump. He caused them to even more rabidly ban dissenters. All you need to know is that they want to turn us all into monkeys and Jews are in control.

“Biden is president now, we don’t think any kind of racism should be tolerated!” Did you ever? You’re reading this so obviously you’re a racist. Biden is anti-arab racism, pro-jew racism. In fact he’s anti-white racism, that’s what half the country decided, that the scientist-theorist caste should be eliminated. I’m not exaggerating. The jungle apes should be eliminated. The kikes who have been thrown out of over a hundred countries should be eliminated. The parasitic whores should be eliminated. You’ve all been psyopped to doubt that, or you’re one of or similar to one of these last three groups I mentioned. Jorge in 2060 is going to be realizing we can’t invent like paPA, holmes, we need to start askin the ChinEEZE for CRISPR tech so we can get back to not being braindead, sorry to tell you man we lived in the jungles! The samizdat they found buried in that park was right, the Jews only want the CRISPR for themselves! so they can keep us as their slaves.

Goys are just absolutely pathetic. I hate them so much I’ve even started talking to them like a Jew with mask off. Does it make you mad when I do that? Maybe it’s similar to when I was reading that one truth serum interview, seeing how Jews really think is infuriating. I’m just telling you about it, you don’t have to direct the blame at the messenger. Not like you’ll stop now after years of me talking that way to you. You’d rather be mad at me than them. You just make my case- goys are pathetic. If there’s going to be realtalk the next four years, whether coot is psyopped to win or not, there needs to be more antisemitism. The silence on that is just too sad. “They’re going to increase censorship of antisemitism if Biden wins.” Ah you see another dimension of this then. Less power to the whites, more power to the 110ers. Realpolitik, that’s all “Biden” is and they’ve duped people into wanting that. Hate yourself, love the Jews and their plans, good work, I have lots of respect for you.

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